General dental education at the M.D stage is one of the approved courses of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Higher Educational System which grants a university degree. This course is a combination of theoretical, workshop, practical, internship, field work, in research programs. The aim of this program is to train dental students with the abilities in accordance to the capabilities document of the minimum requirements for the educational program of dental students of Iran.

:History of Establishment

Although the history of modern education of dentistry has been recognized by the foundation of Tehran University, but the oral health status of Iranians relates back to ancient history. The oldest existing thesis on dentistry is kept at Jondishapour University which dates back to the 12th century.

:Course assignment

The mission of this course is to educate graduates who are lettered, competent, professional, responsive to individual and community needs, committed to social ethics, accordance with Islamic-Iranian culture, active in producing knowledge, having an active role in the health system for providing, maintaining, and promoting oral and dental health of every individual by offering a variety of preventive and curative services to people.

:The general aims of the discipline

Educating individuals capable of  Offering preventive, curative, and rehabilitating services in the field of oral and dental health for each individual of the society in accordance with the national overall and health policies.

b.     Oral health education

c.      Managing oral health programs

d.     Researches related to oral health


:Dental School of Yasuj University of Medical Sciences

This School was established in 2012. At the present time, 27 students are studying at the Dental School of Yasuj University of Medical Sciences.


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